Passion signed Fornasari

The Fornasari FORNASARI450 race since 2003.

In the first year of racing was a used BMW abandoned in 2004 for the eight-cylinder Chevrolet. That year he raced in a two-wheel drive vehicle and then get to the final evolution in 2005: Chevrolet 8 cylinders (as amended) and all-wheel drive.

In these four years, the FORNASARI450, or more precisely, the FORNASARI (now 4), have competed in the Italian league Tout Terrain, the world's Baja and other international competitions.
To name a few: Qatar, Dubai, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Pordenone, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Rally (TT) of Ciocco, Puglia and Basilicata, Friuli, Mantua, Biella. In these races the Fornasari took home victories in a variety of special tests, the second place at Italian 'Italian Baja 2006, the first and second in the 18 ^ Apulia Basilicata and the second and fourth place in the Rally of the Pharaohs in 2004. Fornasari are currently leading the Italian league Tout Terrain and in the top positions in the international championship Baja.
Many drivers who have driven this amazing car: F. Cunico / G. Pirollo, twins De Lorenzo Fornasari / De Michelis, T. Manfrinato, R. Meyer, F.Picco / A.Ronconi, M. Ricci / S. Factors, Prisca Taruffi, M. Tempestrini, Vanina Ickx.